Wedding | Sarah & Tim | The Barn at South Milton


You will have seen a couple of weddings now at The Barn, as previously mentioned I am actually super lucky to live and work here at Tha Barn! I only photographed a couple of weddings (not even using my own camera as it just wasn't good enough at this point!!) to make sure this really is what I wanted to do.


After hours of soul-searching, this wedding is the one that did it for me... I only managed a couple of photos on the wedding day itself as we were really busy, however, Sarah & Tim came back to The Barn on the Sunday for day two of their celebrations, this time I wasn't working and there wasn't a hired photographer!  It gave me the chance to try and get some photos without worrying about being in the way or stepping on toes!


This ice-cream truck is to die for... Sarah & Tim hired such beautiful furniture and so elegantly decorated The Barn it became something we have never seen it before, it reminded me of my wedding, way back in 2014 Mike and I converted the very same space into something nobody had ever seen before, peoples gasps were audible as they feasted their eyes on such a stunning display of hard work and dedication to planning, this wedding was exactly the same... something people will aspire to recreate at their wedding for years to come.


There are quite a few photos here, so I would grab a cup of tea, or a glass of wine, maybe even a biscuit and get settled to fall in love with a wedding...